Schedule Smarter

Let us help you with the hazzle of scheduling. Made easy for you!
  • Schedule

  • Share

  • Adjust

  • Schedule automatic

  • Easy sharing

  • Manage absence

  • Swap shifts

  • Communication

  • Timetracking

Embrace the simplicity

With a single touch of a button, you have the whole month's schedule ready. Share with your employees, make changes and receive requests. In addition, you have access to our super easy time tracking, holiday handling and covering of absence. All in the same package! Made easy for you.

  • No commitments

  • No start-up fees

  • No extra costs

Because of RosterRabbit, we have eliminated almost all work with planning and management.

Terje Sunde, Sulesund kiosks

RosterRabbit had the best product, the best price and the best terms.

Nils Gøran Høin Schei

Our pricing model is as simple as this. No extras.